Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday
I woke up early in the morning like I'm what I'm doing everyday. I took a bath, put on my clothes, comb my hair and check my things for school. I don't usually eat my breakfast at home. Instead, I make sandwiches, if not, I just bring cookies. I'm kinda used to it. My mom even scolded because it was already 6:15 and yet I'm still packing up my things. She knew that I will be late for school. So I rushed up. I don't wanna be late either. Then I asked for my allowance which only costs a hundred pesos. Of course, I can't go to school without my "baon". I was walking [just a few steps away from our house], a lady asked me, "There is no tution today in the country's high school". I was telling myself "huh?!?". was my fault. I didn't turn on the TV or even the radio. Big thanks to that lady. I was really not informed. In our school kasi, whenever there will be holidays,they inform us as early as possible.

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